PorcFest Teen Rave - 6/24/16

This event was planned and executed completely by me. I had the stage to myself, two laptops, a basic mixer (to fade between laptops), and all my lighting. I learned a lot during this event, and I will hope to do even better next time.

PorcFest Dodgeball - 6/24/16

This was the same as the first one, with over 30 people.

PorcFest Cosplay Party - 6/22/16

I was not the DJ for this party, I ran lighting with my full setup. I had a lighting controller, two par led lights, four spotlights, and a laser.

PorcFest Dodgeball - 6/22/16

The second annual dodgeball event went even better than the first one. With attendance over 30 people, it was a huge success.

PorcFest Kids Rave - 6/26/15

This was my first gig running a party. It was not planned by me, I just showed up and DJed. It ended up going an hour overtime because there were still people there. I only had a thumb-drive with music, a laptop, a sound system, and a single party laser. I knew once this was over that I had to do it again.

PorcFest Dodgeball - 6/24/15

This was the first event I ran with lots of people. I ran music, and it was a big "hit" while people were hitting each other with dodgeballs. Puns aside, this is what sparked the idea of doing this more.

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